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Improving Customer Service in a Call Center Company

10 Jun

Perhaps your company does an excellent job consistently generating software product leads, you never run out of targeted prospects day after day, week after week. But how is it going with your present clients? And are they coming back repeatedly because of the great service they receive, or do they walk out the door the minute they find out you cannot provide them with the holistic customer service that they expect?

Smiling customer service

To better understand the right approach to customer experience, you need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and look at things from their point of view. Are you aware of the common pet peeves, pain points and churning that go through each call? How is your service level? Do they get an answer promptly or does it take an eternity before someone accepts their call? Are you delivering the kind of service your company has promised or because of poor forecasting and overwhelming contact volume you just find it difficult to cope? Are the set rules and policies set by the call center management having a positive or negative impact on your customers?

You cannot expect to gain trust and loyalty from your customers unless you provide them the key elements of an efficient and reliable contact center such as:

-Easy access to needed info, inquiries, purchases, complaints, trouble-shooting concerning your product/service.

-Quick access to service. Do they need to provide their account number a gazillion times to receive a reply, an email, a call, or resolve a relatively simple problem?

-Do they get what they need from you? If so was it quick, easy, understandable? Or did they end up more confused prior to making the call?

You need to be able to answer these questions first to know the present state of the kind of customer service you are providing and therefore make room for improvement. Unless you do this you will never be able to align your contact center with the brand message you are promoting. First you need to equip yourself with the needed building blocks to provide your desired customer service experience, then you can already determine which policies and/or procedures can either be implemented or eradicated to serve your company’s and customers’ best interests.



Customers – Active Participants Your Business

20 Mar

Customers are not just mere passive receivers of information; they are active participants who think, decide, and judge the best things for themselves. Customers obtain a lot of information coming from what they see, what they hear, what they have tasted and smelled, and what they have read. They process these pieces of information according to their wants, needs, its pros, cons, price, availability, practicality, and best value for money.


Gone are the days that customers solely receive information from traditional forms such as advertisements and flyers. Today’s technology allows the customer to make or break your product. A highly satisfied customer will post your product on Instagram and Facebook, and would give your product a 5-star review, while an angry customer can rant his dissatisfaction online and his post might virally spread. A simple review written on a blog post or on social media makes a huge impact on your business’ lead generation.

Customers research everything they need to know before making a purchase. They talk to family and friends for their experiences, ask subject matter experts about their opinion and knowledge, and read reviews and other possible alternatives on the Internet. After receiving reviews, they deliberate your products together with other alternatives that have sprung up. If a customer chooses you,  you are considered the best choice among others – for now.

We all want our business and our outputs as the best options for our customers. As times have changed, so is the customer’s needs. What the customer may use now will not be used tomorrow, for he has deliberately decided to change. We need to keep up to the ever-evolving market , and one step for keeping up is to know the customers’ minds.

Email marketing and telemarketing are two of the most direct methods of knowing your customer’s needs. Through these methods, you can directly present your outputs to your customer, and in turn, customers can give immediate feedback to you.

A certain number of customers who used to subscribed to your newsletter may have decided to unsubscribe – ask yourself, “Why did they unsubscribe? Is it because of the presentation? Or maybe he has found another brand?” A telephone conversation with a loyal customer has revealed that she was having problems with her products and delivery, and although she would still want to purchase your products, the problems she had experienced made her consider another alternatives. These immediate feedback probes you to discover problems you may have overlooked. After figuring out the problems, you can find the proper solutions to these and in turn, improve your business in the long run.

Remember, a customer chooses you after undergoing a process of decision-making and deliberation. Give your customers the constant 5-star satisfaction and you’ll receive 5-star loyalty and recommendations.

Social Media Is Only One Part For B2B Lead Generation

18 Apr

Plenty of companies have devoted half (if not all) their online marketing efforts on social media. Whereas website and even email newsletters still get a fair share of attention, it’s on social media that said attention is more active and engaging.

That’s all good for companies and marketing services who are expert in using social networking sites. However, what about B2B companies? What’s odd is that with regards to marketing services, they too fall under these categories. Is Facebook a good place to start generating marketing leads?

Well first of all, whoever said that Facebook as the only place to use social media? There’s also Twitter. Better yet, if you’re talking B2B, shouldn’t LinkedIn be the first on your mind? Facebook is full of people who are more likely to post things from 9gag and other leisure sites. That does not sound B2B.

Finally, you should know that social media only one part of your entire lead generation effort. The thing you need to remember is that lead generation places its value on information first. It’s through that information that you can attain the highest chance of a sale. There’s no doubt that having a lot of connections on LinkedIn can be advantageous. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to make the most of what you can get. If someone responds with interest to you via social media, follow it up quickly. You might even want to get ready to have the person qualified for appointment setting.

Social media is doubtlessly effective but that lone won’t enough for B2B just as email alone may not be enough or telemarketing may not be enough. Don’t get too comfortable and go beyond just one part of your lead generation effort.