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Sales Leads For Advertising – Stuck Between Two Types

7 Mar

The unique thing about advertising is that it’s one of those industries that’s right on the line between B2B and B2C. In other words, when it comes to getting people interested it’s something you’re always involved in. Be it trying to attract customers for a client or trying to attract clients to themselves, your business will always have a need to do both. Sadly, despite their skill with the former, advertising groups struggle with the latter like any other B2B business.

Then again, who can really blame you? Attracting people for B2C sales is not the same as generating marketing leads for advertising. Their respective methods are like night and day. Advertising uses commercials, print media and web banners meant to catch the eye of an entire consumer base. B2B leads requires a more direct and carefully planned approach like telemarketing or personalized emails.

Still, like most B2B businesses, plenty of advertising groups outsource B2B lead generation services. Now outsourcing doesn’t automatically mean you’re lazy or that you’re too scared to go beyond what you’d normally do. However, the problem with being stuck between two types of leads is that time and resources are limited. With the two types demanding two sharply different approaches, you’re better off just focusing on the one you’ve outfitted your business with.

Besides, focusing on one will only lead to a better qualify of services and what better way to get the most out of your effort than going by the quality information in your leads?