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Professional Telemarketers – Professionals Who Can Help You Connect Other Professionals

25 Apr

B2B telemarketing is still a highly active industry and even talent agencies can stand to benefit from their outsourced services. Like a talent agent, these telemarketing services can help you get in touch with business organizations who can give you the work you (and your clients) are looking for. On the other hand, handling so many professionals can leave you very preoccupied so it should be natural that you’ll need help getting them all connected.

B2B telemarketing firms can help lighten that load and working together with them isn’t so hard. You see all you really need are sales leads, B2B sales leads to be precise. You’re looking for businesses who need talent to help them in things like marketing campaigns and advertising ventures. With that in mind, both you and the telemarketers simply need to keep a few things in mind when looking for them.

Take industry for example. Different companies have their own unique preferences when it comes to marketing to consumers. However, you can get a decent idea of what they might be looking for if you take their industry into account. What kind of market does this industry typically target? From there, ask yourself what kind of people are usually needed for such an approach? Would they go for a commercial? Then recommend some actors and directors. Are they opting for online marketing? Then start checking if you know any web designers or graphic artists.

Those are just some of the things you can get from leads like marketing leads. Call the telemarketing professionals today and see what more they can do to help you connect your professionals.


B2B Lead Generation – Don’t Just Call, Ask About What They Want!

23 Apr

If you’re a talent agency or a creative services group looking to businesses for work, do you really think getting contact information is going to cut it? There’s no doubt there are plenty of providers out there who can give you a lot of numbers to call. However, there’s also a good chance that you’re not the only business they’ve sold them to. It would be very naïve on your part to think your competitors haven’t considered them as a source of their own contact information.

Still, there might be some good news here if you know how to turn those calls into marketing leads. Truth be told, the phone would indeed be your only chance to talk with someone who needs talents or other creative skills to assist in their marketing campaigns.

The trick is doing more than just call. The purpose of the call is not to make a sale as some might assume. It’s to learn more about the prospect and get them interested enough so that they’ll be eager to hear from your people. So what kind of information do you need to get? For starters, how about preferences? There are so many industries out there who target various markets and each market needs a certain approach that requires a different mix of creative talents each time. Are they planning a commercial? Do they need photographers and models for a billboard? Next up would be budget. Can they afford to hire the people you recommend? Would the job itself appeal to your people in terms of payment?

It doesn’t matter if these sales leads are generated from your own department or from an outsourced lead generator. What you need to keep an eye out for is if these leads carry the above information.

Why Creative Services Can Also Pursue Marketing Leads

28 Mar

It’s a common mistake to read the words creative services and think that it’s not a very business-minded industry. It actually is (or at the very least, it knows how important the business world can be). The industries of movie, music, other entertainment arts, and of course advertising all put central focus on creative talent. Underneath however, money circulates in pretty much the same way it does in any other industry. There’s big business here, that much is certain.

Thus, it’s only logical to assume that B2B elements like marketing leads can be used to the benefit of companies within the creative service industry. Perhaps the real obstacle though is the fact that these firms have not or cannot put together the combination of technology, professionals, and technique needed to generate sales leads.

There are different methods when it comes to B2B lead generation but these methods are ironic contrast against methods normally meant for B2C (one being advertising). You have to approach your target businesses individually, not them at the same time with the sweeping generalizations that ads can badly make when trying to target decision makers.

That’s why you’ll usually hear the occasional marketing guru telling you to really do some homework on a prospect and what you learn must only apply to that prospect alone. It’s why things like telemarketing, walk-ins, and personalized email are often encouraged for B2B. In fact, with regards to telemarketing, not all professional telemarketers are eager to start selling what you’ve got. Making a sale and giving your people some work is still your job. Start getting your gifted talents that work and pursue marketing leads today!