Going Stealth on the Playing Field

27 Oct

When does a call center company decide it’s time to go stealth on the playing field? If you really think you’re not strong enough to reap winnings as of the moment, this tactic makes a lot of sense. But first you need to accept the situation you’re in: outnumbered, outgunned, but fortunately you’re still alive- otherwise you wouldn’t still be around. Stay hidden until the time comes you can already win.

Here are some critical situations in which it would be wise to use such mode of operation:

You’re losing the drag race. In here the top player is too strong and has advantages far greater than yours. They took on a lead and it’s virtually impossible for you to catch on. Right now you need to find another place where you can play, away from the beaten path since it’s the wisest thing to do.

The platform is impenetrable. This is when your biggest competitor still has countless allies who receive great rewards for being such. When you do a stealth play you can fill in the platform’s gaps while reaping rewards in the process. Join them if it’s impossible to beat them. Wait until you’re strong enough to win on your own.

The incumbent is still big, but already declining. Who’s your biggest competitor in acquiring software product leads? Have you noticed some significant flaws? If so, this can be a great opportunity on your part. Making a couple of inroads is a possibility but since the incumbent is still powerful, it’s best to stay out of the way. What you can do is continue finding places where adding or even stealing a bit of value can be done. Continue doing this until you’ve accumulated enough value to challenge the top player head-on. Where on earth can you find these places? None other than your customers, of course.

As you can see, being bold and brave isn’t always the best way to go. You must know when to lie low, and keep your head down. In this game, it’s not always the strongest who wins, but the smartest- those who have the best tactics in the playing field.


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