Payroll Software Lead Generation – Going for the Target

29 Sep

When it comes to the payroll software that your company developed, one thing comes to mind: selling it. A lot of companies need such software for more efficient and better handling of their employees’ pay. I mean, come on, nobody wants to be stuck in an office having to do calculations the hard way when there exists software that can automate the entire process. Payroll software sells… however, getting payroll software leads isn’t exactly a cakewalk.


It’s not that nobody wants to buy your software. It may just be that tracking down the people who are looking to buy what you sell is far from what your current marketing approach can handle. It could be that you’re strapping pamphlets and print ads to walls and poles hoping that someone takes a look-see, but obviously that approach will not work for you because your target contact persons will most likely never see those advertisements.

When it comes to acquiring payroll software leads, what you need is to get directly to the target. Think of yourself as like a highly trained and professional sniper – always aiming for the head so that all you need is one shot. If you want to sell your payroll software and generate sales leads, here’s what you need to do:

Go with direct marketing approaches – You cannot always rely on indirect methods and hope that people are directed to your company’s website, or so that they can give you a call. That would be ok if your product was something that is in demand by the masses, but it isn’t; it’s something that only a few will want and understand. That is why you need to be more direct with how you generate your payroll software leads.

Think of using an approach such as telemarketing. It’s like the epitome of direct marketing. Phone calls can be made with the press of a few simple buttons and you can be connected to your target contact person in a near instant. You eliminate having to rely on chance to help you draw in potential customers. You’re taking things into your own hands.

Aim for key decision makers whenever possible – When you engage another business that you think may be a good prospect for you, you cannot help but have to deal with different types of people in various positions within that company. Not all of these people will be essential towards making a deal happen. As such, you want to make sure that you avoid having to get passed around. As much as possible, always aim to reach key decision makers right away.

Sometimes deals do not fall through because your markets keep getting directed to the wrong decision makers, and some of these key personnel may not even fully understand what is being sold and just give a no right off the bat. In generating the payroll software leads that you need, you have a primary target – your key decision maker. Go for him.

Even with these tips in mind, lead generation can still be difficult. However, by using them, you can increase your chances at getting good results. After all, key decision makers are people that are hard to reach within a prospective company. That is why you need to be direct in your approach towards them, and as much as possible, get in touch with the personnel that really matter in getting talks started.


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