Getting to the Heart and Soul of Customer Service as a Call Center Company

20 Aug

As a call center company, it is important that employees manage their emotions well especially when dealing with customers over the phone, no matter how challenging things may get.  You need to take care of your customers to the optimum level, offering compassion even to the most challenging ones. Here are some practical tips on how to do just that.


Be fully present when giving customer service. When talking to your software product leads for instance, remember to deal with them at the most basic level, as human beings, regardless of their financial status or background. By taking time to give them your undivided attention, they will surely feel validated. Manage your stress levels so you’re more able to care for your customers. If your stress levels are too high, take a break, take a breather, until you’re calm enough to give your full attention to your customers.

 Find value from the mistakes you have made. Usually people feel uneasy when they know they are not knowledgeable about something. This is mainly because of fear of getting into trouble or looking bad. After all, how can you be comfortable in knowing that you don’t know something? The good news is, acknowledging this fact is the first thing to learning something new. Every time you need to learn something new, feel thrilled about it, love learning and you will also love the results you will get on your job. View mistakes as not mere failures or embarrassing situations, rather, as a form of accelerated learning.

 Learn to empathize with your customers. Now, this goes beyond just being nice. You need to learn to disengage yourself from your own feelings and points of view so that you can understand what your customers are experiencing. By doing this, you will be able to respond to your customers with compassion, whether you agree with them or not. You need to get in touch with their needs, wishes and feelings because it will go a long way in creating the kind of relationship that will strengthen professional relationships to produce a solid and loyal customer base.


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