The Reason behind Changes in Practices in a Call Center Company

25 Jul

Telemarketing is fast moving and a constantly adapting field. Technologies change as well as environments and they continuously evolve regardless of the industry. It’s either the technology that changes or the way people approach the work changes, but one thing is for sure, company practices change in order to accommodate the various demands put on by the different elements of the organization. There are plenty of reasons that may require change in practices, some them include the following:


Existing practices that are counterproductive. If the actual process say, of dealing with software product leads exhausts more resources that the output that is being produced, then it needs changing. This exists in groups that produce virtually no resolved issues and costs more to operate and provides very little merit for the company. In the process it no longer abides by the financial requirements placed on it, as does every unit in a company. Practices play a big role in determining the company’s desired productivity.


Adhering to policy. The group may also be doing things that are against company policy that needs to be realigned to the existing policy in order to correct the given situation. This usually occurs as an aftermath of acquisition in which the acquired company need to change to comply with the brand new owner. It depends on how assimilation is handled by the acquiring company. Either the management remain or it can be replaced by a new one to implement the changes.


Effectiveness of labor. A group structure is generally tiered; it consists of different levels of technical experience and expertise. In this case the labor resources must be carefully organized in order to get the most benefit or value out of each of this valuable resource. Additionally, group performance must also be aligned to support work for the provision of the maximum excess value of this structure. For instance, in a multiple level structure, every level must focus on doing the work at maximum efficiency before transferring support issues to the next tier. This kind of labor organization requires practices to dictate how the issues will be transferred among the tiers.


Things always change in telemarketing. The more you know and understand why the change is necessary for the company, the better chances you’ll have adapting.


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