Improving Customer Service in a Call Center Company

10 Jun

Perhaps your company does an excellent job consistently generating software product leads, you never run out of targeted prospects day after day, week after week. But how is it going with your present clients? And are they coming back repeatedly because of the great service they receive, or do they walk out the door the minute they find out you cannot provide them with the holistic customer service that they expect?

Smiling customer service

To better understand the right approach to customer experience, you need to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and look at things from their point of view. Are you aware of the common pet peeves, pain points and churning that go through each call? How is your service level? Do they get an answer promptly or does it take an eternity before someone accepts their call? Are you delivering the kind of service your company has promised or because of poor forecasting and overwhelming contact volume you just find it difficult to cope? Are the set rules and policies set by the call center management having a positive or negative impact on your customers?

You cannot expect to gain trust and loyalty from your customers unless you provide them the key elements of an efficient and reliable contact center such as:

-Easy access to needed info, inquiries, purchases, complaints, trouble-shooting concerning your product/service.

-Quick access to service. Do they need to provide their account number a gazillion times to receive a reply, an email, a call, or resolve a relatively simple problem?

-Do they get what they need from you? If so was it quick, easy, understandable? Or did they end up more confused prior to making the call?

You need to be able to answer these questions first to know the present state of the kind of customer service you are providing and therefore make room for improvement. Unless you do this you will never be able to align your contact center with the brand message you are promoting. First you need to equip yourself with the needed building blocks to provide your desired customer service experience, then you can already determine which policies and/or procedures can either be implemented or eradicated to serve your company’s and customers’ best interests.



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